- The PFT HM 84 can be easily transported due to the separability of its modules and despite its high mixing capacity.
  - The mixing tube can be exchanged in case of wear and tear and is completely made of rubber, i.e. there is no time-consuming cleaning necessary, as it is almost self-cleaning.
  - Conveying capacity of up to 45 - 200 l/min feasible, on request.
  - The control box can be transported separately and kept in a frost- and theft-proof place. Different versions are available on request.
  - Can be combined with the PFT range of machines
  - The powder-coating is burnt at 180°C, which results in a premium-quality varnish.
  - Optimum mixing quality, i.e. it can be used for fine-grained mortars as well. Due to technical improvements in the mixing zone, the mortars are better humidified and mixed without knots.
  - High operational safety because of the grease-enclosed motor sealing, which protects the gearbox from dirt.

Technical Data PFT HM 84
Output Mixing capacity: 150 l/min Dosing shaft: 150 l/min (depending on dosing shaft, a capacity of 45 - 200 l/min is possible)
Power connection Three-phase current: 400 V, 3 phases Fuse protection: 32 A
Drive Geared motor: 7.5 kW, 400 rpm
Water connection 1" Water pressure: at least 2.5 bar

Dimensions/Weights PFT HM 84
Dimensions L/W/H 2,400 / 800 / 840 mm
Other Dimensions Container connection: DN 350
Total weight 223 kg

The horizontal continuous mixer PFT HM 84 is especially designed for use with container / silo in the field of floor screed, levelling compounds and masonry mortars.

The PFT HM 84 continuously and fully automatically mixes all lime-/cement-based, ready-mixed dry mortars.

Employment and advantages
Technical Data
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