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  - PFT RITMO can be used as a pump or a mixing pump, no matter whether you want to fill it out of buckets or bags.
  - It is easy to handle, which saves time during start-up, refitting, maintenance and cleaning.
  - Two water inlets permit flexible mixing intensity - and thus allow the processing of a number of different materials.
  - Conveying and mixing performance can be set, due to the infinitely variable drive.
  - Innovative arrangement of the bag opener as well as low filling height facilitate quick opening and neat emptying of the bagged material.
  - Safety tested by Bauberufsgenossenschaft BBG (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association for the building sector)
  - The RITMO is small, light, handy, compact and on castors. Can be easily disassembled into its three modules.

Technical Data PFT RITMO
Output Conveying capacity:¹ 4 –14 l/min Conveying pressure:¹ max. 15 bar Conveying distance up to approx.:² Knifing fillers: up to max. 15 m Plasters: up to max. 7.5 m
Power connection Threephase current: 230 V, 50 Hz Fuse protection: not less than 16 A
Drive 1.5 kW Speed: 175 – 650 rpm
ROTOR/STATOR B 4 –1,5 L Pump capacity: 4 –14 l/min
Water connection Water pressure: at least 2.5 bar Water flow meter*: 75 – 750 l/h


Dimensions/Weights PFT RITMO
Dimensions L/W/H 750 / 600 / 1,340 mm
Filling height 900 mm
Content Hopper content: 45 l
Weight(s) of module Material hopper with Rotor/Stator: 18 kg Chassis with control box: 38 kg Motor with protection grille: 22 kg Mixing shaft: 2 kg
Total weight 95 kg

The compact one-person mixing pump in 230 V, alternating current, designed to spray and apply sprayed renderings, levelling compounds, dispersion paints and other materials up to 3 mm in grain size.

Employment and advantages
Technical Data
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