Required accessories Price €
20 70 82 10 External vibrator 230 V, centrifugal force max. 0.45 kN for PFT MINITAINER 118,50
20 70 82 20 External vibrator 400V, centrifugal force max. 0.45 kN for PFT MINITAINER 161,00

External vibrator


  - Optimal accessibility thanks to two-foot system
  - All PFT mixers and mixing pumps can be attached and detached
  - Stability according to static wind load calculation
  - Filling flap tiltable and slewable
  - Robust quick release fastener for filling flap
  - Improved material outlet due to swinging separating plate

Dimensions L/W/H approx. 1,200/1,200/ Outlet height: 1,170 mm Construction site height: approx. 2,770 mm
Other Dimensions Floor space: approx. 1,200 x 1,200 mm Butterfly valve: NW Ø 250 mm Filling flap: NW Ø 500 mm
Content approx. 1,280 l
Total weight Empty weight with flap and PFT external vibrator: approx. 395 kg
Total weight during transport: without maschine approx. 1,400 kg with maschine approx. 1,800 kg
Miscellaneous System: unpressurized gravity container Filling: when standing

The round MINITAINER has a volume of approx. 1.28 m³ and requires a floor space of 1,200 x 1,200 mm. The open support structure provides the highest possible accessibility.

Employment and advantages
Technical Data
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